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Preparing for a Job interview

By Claire Hilleary

As a teenager, busy with school, sports and friends there might not be all that much time to get a job- and that is why it is perfectly acceptable to get a part time job where your employer can work with your busy schedule and you can still be making money.

To get this job, however, you will need to go through an interview. A job interview helps the employer get to know some things about you and essentially, meet you in person before hiring you for the position you applied for. Depending on the demand for employees, you may have competition with other people applying for the same position as you and going through the same interview process.

This is why you will need to spend time prepping for the perfect interview and work on calming your nerves and being able to let your personality shine and stick out from others. For some, its hard to do this in front of people you don’t know very well (The employer) so you may need to just “Fake it until you make it” Which means leaving your insecurities and shy personality behind because YOU WANT THIS MONEY!

I suggest asking your mom, friend or sibling to look up practice job interview questions to help prep. Go into your interview and knock them dead with your outgoing and friendly personality and when you get the job, even if you aren’t totally comfortable with the other workers or your boss yet, you will slowly ease into your place. Good luck!

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