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Santa Clarita Diet Review

By Bridgette Montgomery

Santa Clarita Diet is a Netflix original television series. It is a horror-comedy genre film about a lady, Sheila Hammond, who has been infected by a virus that causes her to be immortal and be a cannibal (a human being that eats other human beings). She bleeds black blood, and her wounds always heal up. She has a husband named, Joel Hammond, who is not infected by this virus. Yet, when Sheila craves for human beings he goes out searching for some for her to feast on. They also have a daughter, Abby Hammond, who is also not infected either by the virus. Her parents refused to tell her for awhile that her mother, Sheila, was infected by the virus and that the virus causes her to eat other human beings. But later on in the show the daughter ends up finding out her mother is a cannibalistic and immortal lady.

When Abby finds out her mother has some type of virus that causes her to act different, she runs to her next door neighbors house to talk to their son, Eric Bemis. He is a nerdy kid that is into fantasy and unrealistic sounding stories like the one about Abby’s mother. He also has a big crush on Abby, so he tries to do all he can for her.  In this case, he goes out of his way to find out what is wrong and what virus her mother has. Later on in the story, the father, Joel, ends up killing the stepfather of Eric, Dan Palmer. He then steals the man’s body and feeds him to his wife. That is the day Abby finds out her mother is cannibalistic, so she brings Eric to her house to show him what her mother has done. Keep in mind, Eric did not like his stepfather at all so this situation does not phase him; it makes him happy that he does not have to deal with the guy no longer.

If you watch this show, I give you a 100 percent promise that you will find it entertaining! Definitely, if you are into horror films and comedy. I give this show a 10 out of 10!

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