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Save big money…well by not spending it!

By Jennifer Tellez

Money seems to be the problem for teenagers because they want to go out and eat or go to the movies or something of that nature. I’m sure parents are tired of giving their kids money considering they’re the ones who work. Teenagers should get a job if they really want to be spending that much money.

Once you get a job, you should probably keep yourself on a budget. Think to yourself before buying something: do I need this? How long with I use it for? How many times am I going to use it? How much is it? Now, after you thought about these things, put the item down because more than likely, you don’t need it. Keep a schedule on when to go grocery shopping and give yourself an amount of money that you can spend. Going to the mall, think about all the things you have in your closet and think about what things could potentially match those things. When shopping, also give yourself a set amount and do not go over that! Work an extra shift at work and then maybe go back to get it. Work for what you want, that’s what you’re going to need to do as you get through life. Things aren’t free and relying on parents as a teenager for money, you’re screwing yourself over and are in for a rude awakening, too. Parents can say no, and they will, too.

College students know the struggles of money more than anybody because most students are in debt within the first 2 or 3 years of school. They know when and where to spend money. If you’re in need of clothes there are many websites where you can find sales. There’s an app called Wish where there are all sorts of different things. I’ve heard great things about it, and when reading the reviews, you know how other people just like you are thinking about their items. For groceries you can start couponing and printing out coupons online. There are so many different ways to save money just by doing small things. Now, with bills and paying off your car or anything to do with insurance, there’s no getting out of that because prices on all those things seem to be going up instead of down. With saving money on things you don’t need, but want, you have that extra money for bills that are things you need.

Keep in mind all the things you have to pay before buying those pair of shoes you want. Meet your priorities before actually focusing on the wants of your life.

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