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Springtime Fashion

By Jennifer Tellez

Spring time is approaching, and girls love spring time because of their outfits. Here’s some tips on what to wear. Only girls really understand what kind of different dresses are out there. It’s kind of fun to actually go shopping and look for outfits in the spring. Here some tips on what to wear in the springtime.

There are those loose dresses that when it’s windy, your dress will fly up a bit. There are also those outfits that are like workout outfits. Those are pretty comfy to wear because spring weather isn’t too cold or too hot. Flowers start to bloom and everything just seems brighter. Spring is all about bright colors. There are also skirts that girls love to wear. For example there are pencil skirts that look cute on all girls. There are some girls who like to wear shorts, but I don’t think they are appropriate for school and it’s not warm enough for something that short either.

For guys, they all seem to dress the same in the spring. It’s all mostly shorts and a t-shirt. They don’t wear accessories or anything else. Accessories are also pretty important for girls because it really brings an outfit together.

The perfect spring colors are colors like rose pink, yellow, a light purple…just some colors that look bright when reflected towards the light. In the fall it’s mostly colors that are darker and have a darker contrast.

For rainy days, since spring is all about rain, there are some pretty cute and awesome rain coats that match with just about anything. Something to always be doing in spring is to check the weather daily in case you need to take an umbrella or rain jacket at any given time.

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