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Use of lockers in high school

By Jennifer Tellez

As a senior, I can tell you all about the use of lockers. As a freshmen, most classes that are to be taken are going to be requirements and those classes will give you books. Books aren’t heavy, until you have to carry multiples. In between classes you have four minutes to get to class; that’s plenty of time to stop by to your locker and go to class. Sure, maybe high school lockers aren’t the biggest, but it’s useful for books.

Students would rather carry a heavy bookbag on top of carrying more books because they think they have no time. It’s not hard to try to organize about when you can go to your locker in between classes. The key to getting there is speed walking. Some people like to take their time to get to class, which yes, is kind of frustrating because there are other people trying to go places.

Since the lockers aren’t very big, the only things you can keep in them are books. When winter comes around, you can’t put your jacket in there without it probably getting stuck to the locker. I am definitely not saying to not wear a winter jacket because it’s cold; you’ll just have to find a way to make all the books and jackets fit in the locker.

As your high school years go by, you’ll probably start realizing that not many teachers actually use textbooks. It’s a good study guide when tests and exams come around.  With this being said, your books will more than likely be in your locker for most of the time. Most teachers usually tell students when books are needed because teachers understand how heavy carrying so many books can get. Teachers also understand how far away lockers are for some students and can be understanding. So students really have no reason to not have their books because it should be in your locker and not in your bedroom unless you use it on a daily basis. So lockers are actually useful, they’re provided, so use them to your advantage.

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