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Another Article Review!

By Bridgette Montgomery

Yes, this is another article reviewing a Netflix original show. You may have heard about this show; it is quite interesting and educational to many people. When I watched it, it made me get into my feelings and realize what others think while they get bullied or harassed. This show educates many people about the typical high school drama. You know? Rumors, name calling, self shaming others. It is sad, but true. If you have not yet guessed what show this is yet, well, it is called 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why is a big hit right now. To sum up the story about 13 Reasons Why:  it’s a very educational show about a young lady, who is a junior in high school getting bullied by her peers at her school and her so called, “friends” of hers. They treat her with disrespect and make her believe she is the problem and cause of why she gets bullied, like she made it out for herself. But in reality, she actually does nothing anyone says she does.

Everyone at her school makes up rumors and spread lies about her that aren’t true. This show can teach you many things about high school dangers with social media, pictures, rumors, and so on. The show starts off with her getting made fun of and harassed by a picture taken of her that surfaces all around her school.  That teaches people watching the show to watch out for what happens around you or who is around you, because you never know who will be trusting and who won’t. There are multiple times the main character gets pictures sent around of her that are private and she is not aware of it. It also goes to show, that a little scribble on a piece of paper can have a big effect on people’s lives. In this case, Hannah Baker (who is the main character), gets something written about her on a note,and it gets around her school, which causes her to get harassed by others.

There are many more things that go in the show, it can make you sad, happy, laugh, and so on. Most importantly, I think it is smart of someone to make a show about this type of stuff in such a good description. It puts you through her thoughts and feelings about the situation.  I believe more high schoolers should watch just to get a taste of how it feels to others when they do harsh things to them. I would definitely recommend watching 13 Reasons Why!

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