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Be C-O-N-fident!

By Bridgette Montgomery

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, obviously, I know how to be confident; I have to be proud of myself.” Yes, that is a big step to becoming confident, but there is much more to it. In this article I will be describing three main steps to becoming confident, independent, and proud of yourself. Here are the few top three I have!

The first step I will be explaining that makes a big difference to your confidence is taking CARE of yourself. Why does this matter? Well, when you make sure you are in the perfectly good shape that you believe is great for you and fits you best, it makes you look at your own self with great confidence and knowledge. It makes you proud of who you are, which helps you emotionally and knowledgeably. Taking care of yourself not only helps your confidence and makes you proud of who you have became, but also helps out other people’s perspective and outlook on you. First impressions matters to everyone.

The second step to take, which is a pretty big leap to gaining confidence for yourself, is to OWN yourself. Be proud of who you are. Don’t be afraid to show the confidence and good outlook on yourself. Owning yourself shows that you can take anyone’s misjudgment. Who cares what others think of you? If you feel good about yourself, then don’t let someone else bring you down and make you have a depressing outlook on yourself. So like I said before and I will say it again, OWN yourself! It resembles your certainty, self-reliance, and your appreciation of yourself.

The third and final step to getting full confidence of yourself is to NEVER allow anyone to bring you down. The people who judge others without knowing them are people who probably are not confident about themselves. When people judge others, that shows a sign of insecurity and self-doubt. They normally are jealous of the person, so they try to pick out the flaws of others to make fun of and call out on them. So once again I will say, NEVER let other people’s misjudgment get to you. Listening to what others say that is bad about you will possibly bring you down in the long run, sometimes physically, but mainly emotionally and mentally.

Always have confidence, be yourself, be your own. Care for yourself. Own yourself. Never allow others to bring you down!

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