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Becoming a picture perfect professional!

By Bridgette Montgomery

Now in days, digital photography is a big thing. Definitely this is the case with teenagers in this generation. We love our technology and get fascinated easily by little things. Digital photography is a very popular hobby in many teenagers’ lives. I am, myself, am a photographer. I work with digital photography. No, not with my phone. I actually own my very own Canon T5i digital camera. I highly suggest getting one of those if you are a Canon user.   Nikons are pretty nice cameras for many others as well; personally, it is not my favorite, but they are popular cameras for others. I have a few steps and tips you can try to use while improving your skills of photography.

The first tip I would suggest is to make sure you have great angles. Having the right angle matters, believe it or not. There are different names for different types of angles as well. Don’t be scared to go to the extreme for good shots. I once had to climb on a tree branch over a ditch in a woods to get the perfect picture. Sometimes you’ll have to get on your hands and knees, maybe even on your stomach, or maybe even try getting as high as your tiptoes can go. Getting the right angle, can help get the perfect picture.

The second tip I would suggest is getting good lighting. Having the perfect lighting tops off the photo. Sometimes if you take a picture with the best lighting you can get, it comes out great, and most people don’t use filters to adjust the picture. There is no need for it if you have good lighting.

The last, but surely not least, is having the right type of filter to finish the picture perfect scene. Actually, you can buy filters for your camera, to put on the lens and snaze up the photo that way or you can wait till you fully import the photo, then you can just use the filter choices provided to you on your computer and adjust the settings to what you think looks the best. Having a filter matters a lot, unless like I said in the previous paragraph if you have great lighting in the photo it is not needed. Other than that, filters can help your image and make the photo better.

Here are the few easy steps and tips to becoming a good future photographer in training. Have fun, do great, and keep your eyes out for a picture perfect scenery!

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