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Girl problems

By Jennifer Tellez

Being a female is difficult. We don’t have instructions when we’re young, so we just learn as we grow up. I feel like females are scared to try new things as they get older, too. There are things they see out in stores but don’t how know it’ll look on them and just keep walking instead of buying it and trying something new. 

Females change their attire as they grow because their fashion taste will clearly change. As a primary student, almost no one matches. As a high schooler,  females will really change their fashion style. There are so many different types of ways to dress because you learn to match things better and learn to not really worry about what others will think about what you’re wearing, as long as you like it. Then there’s the obsession girls have with hair. Every girl says they hate their hair but are scared to even dye it or cut it. Girls should support each other.

Having other female friends is also a problem because it’s not always about having a girls day, it’s about having a special connection to where you can communicate with someone. It’s kind of hard to find another girl who relates to you enough for her to help you with your relationship problems, bad hair days, mood swings, family problems, almost anything.

Girls and almost always have a tendency of just seeing themselves in a negative way. I think all girls should start looking at the positive things and start supporting each other.

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