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How to be a good cheerleader!

By Bridgette Montgomery

Some people may think most cheerleaders are hateful, judgmental people. That is a stereotype! In order to be a GOOD cheerleader, you have to have a good attitude and reputation with everyone around you. Always have a positive attitude, good behavior, and smile A LOT! A cheerleader is suppose to be an outgoing individual who is never negative to others. Yes, there are some of the really mean cheerleaders out there that ARE judgmental and cruel acting to others. But you normally get that at high schools. Those type of cheerleaders have too much confidence and too big of an ego. But in reality, a real cheerleader, who would be considered good, is someone who puts effort in her cheer career and gives off a good impression to everyone.

A major step and improvement you need to make to become a great cheerleader is work on your smile. ALWAYS be happy. It is hard to do when you are going through rough times, but it helps one become a better cheerleader and gain confidence in yourself. People look up to you as a good influence to our society and community.

Another big step is gaining confidence and always having a positive outlook on your life. When you are confident, have a good behavior towards everything, and are very optimistic to any situation, people WILL follow your lead. Well, a lot of kids look up to cheerleaders as an idol. You don’t want to let off the wrong impression to the little kids who are following your steps; instead, you want to make them believe you are doing what is right.

Finally, a step towards a successful cheerleader is never being judgmental and negative. Like I said in the paragraph above, the little kids look up to cheerleaders as an idol of theirs. So if they see you being judgmental, negative towards life, and cruel to others around you, they will do the same to the other peers around them. That will cause conflict and not a good outlook on you for teaching them such a thing. A cheerleader is supposed to be open to anyone and everyone, judgment shouldn’t even be on their minds. Always remember, kids learn by what they watch. You never want to let off the bad impression and make a bad reputation.

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