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Marvel TV shows

By Jennifer Tellez

I recently started watching some of the Marvel TV shows that are on Netflix even though I haven’t watched all the Avenger and Marvel movies. A recent show that just came out is called Iron Fist. This show has a crossover with another Marvel TV show called Daredevil.

One of the villains from Daredevil is also the villain on Iron Fist. The nurse on Daredevil is the nurse on Iron Fist as well. Each episode of Iron Fist is an hour long, and there are 13 episodes. It’s a little bit of a harder show to get through since the episodes are so long.

The overall plot of this show is Danny aka Iron Fist “came back from the dead” and wants his father’s company back. Danny and his family were flying to Japan when suddenly their plane crashed, and the only person to survive the crash was Danny. The plane crash was 15 years ago and the person who owns his father’s company is Danny’s old best friend. No one believes Danny when he tries to tell people who he is. He said he was raised by monks and the “Iron Fist” chose him. After arguing and the lawyers, people finally believed him and he took 51% ownership of his father’s company. The villain, Gao, is selling heroin through Danny’s company, and Danny has to fight these ninjas that Gao sends to “pass the test”. To know what happened with Gao, watch the show, it’ll be worth it.

To understand the show a little better, I recommend watching Daredevil as well.

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