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No heat Curls!

By Claire Hilleary

Have you ever been in a rush in the mornings and don’t have time do your hair, especially if you are wanting it to look nice that day? I have the perfect way one can still get a good amount of sleep the night before, and not have to rush in the mornings with this heatless-curls routine.

Step number one is to take your shower or bath and wash up or shampoo and condition your hair. The hair needs something to sustain it because step number two is detangling the wet hair, brushing it and braiding it into two Dutch-French braids down each half of your head. Then, simply go to sleep.

When you wake up the next morning, you will find it easier to the mess with your hair last. This means getting dressed and doing your makeup first. ¬†Also, this works out because you hair is already out of your way.¬† After you’re finished getting ready, now you are ready to unravel the braids and add in some product to finish up the curly and beachy-waves. Undo each braid and finger comb your hair so the waves are even and naturally spread out on your head. Next, whip your hair up and down a few times, so it is really spread out all over your head and untangles. Thirdly, spray in some water and a little bit of mousse for curls or beachy-chic waves hair-spray.

Finally, scrunch your curls even further with your hands and whip it up and down once more while spraying and scrunching in a few spritz of hair-spray. Your hair will look totally natural and curly and pretty in under 5 minutes!

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