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Touring a big city

By Jennifer Tellez

When visiting a big city it’s always nice to look at the big known buildings. I don’t think people know the history behind some of these places. When touring a city, I think it’s beneficial for your own knowledge to know about these places. I visited the Aztec Pyramids in Mexico a couple years ago, and my uncle was telling us the history of all these pyramids and I thought it was pretty amazing how these things came about. In many parks and museums there are information blocks that tell you the background of the places or objects.  Don’t hesitate to take a couple of minutes to read it; you’ll learn something from it.

Chicago is a beautiful place to visit, not just for the Willis Tower that is open for the public with admission, but for the stadiums, the lakes, the Bean and all these other beautiful places for tourists. There are always those people that stand outside and give pamphlets and those are easy quick reads. Some people stand outside an important place to sell souvenirs, too.

When touring you should be prepared for the traffic, the weather, the location and really get to know what the culture is going to be like before leaving your home. You don’t want to go to a city just because it’s pretty; you want to go because you want to experience what so many others talk about.


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