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A work for inspiration

By Bridgette Montgomery

“Did you know that the amount of people that die from diabetes, are three times of the ones who die from smoking?” Mohammed Qahtani says, “Yet, if I pull out a Snicker bar nobody will say anything…I used this argument, even though I just made it up.” This was the hook to a funny, yet inspirational and interesting video I watched in my English class. Qahtani is a very witful and smart guy.

He claims he told the same thing to 5 of his friends and many of them believed him! It’s crazy to know that some of our brains are just that easy and gullible. “Words that are said in an articulated way, can change someone’s mind,” Qahtani claims. “You have the power to bring someone from the slump of life and make a successful person out of them… or destroy someone’s happiness using all of your words.”

It is so easy to change someone’s state of mind on a certain topic, believe it or not. It just all depends on how you say it, it can alter someone’s mind. Unbelievable, huh? Well it is true, you just need that special  charm, such as Qahtani has.     Qahtani tells a story about his son. His son would constantly draw on the wall with his crayons. When Qahtani told his son to stop and not do that anymore in a very demanding way, the boy continued to do it the next day out of spite. So what Qahtani did as a twist and make it easier and faster to teach the child, he called the kid over and said, “Don’t do that, you’re a big boy now.” Now, can you tell why the kid stopped the second time and not the first? It’s all because absolutely, no one likes to be threatened of course. You will get defensive and put your guards up when that happens. Because you wouldn’t want your pride shot down, right?

There are many more great topics of inspiration on this video and I would definitely recommend giving it a look at!

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