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Becoming Open-Minded

By Claire Hilleary

Before you go blurting out your opinion, that you know is ABSOLUTELY right & you just can’t stand the ignorance of the other person talking or the one that you’re arguing with, take a DEEP breath, and keep calm. There are many things you need to think about before you decide to output your input. First, is this person worth your time? And effort? If you know they are stubborn and they aren’t even someone you associate with often, as hard is it may be, think of the greater scheme of things, how your “two-cents” won’t even affect anything or change their mind, and just keep your mouth shut. If you really have to, put some headphones in or move away from the conflict. This avoids unnecessary fights and stress. If more people would do this, there would be way less fights. This is the first step to becoming an open-minded person. Now here comes the main part….When you do decide that you absolutely have to go to debate with someone…ask yourself these questions..

Is this really my opinion? Or someone else’s? My family…parents’? Why exactly do I have this opinion and have I, myself, looked into the actual topic and the opposition’s point of view to even form a solid personal opinion? If your answer is no, then you should probably take a step back, and educate yourself further on this topic and your opinion, you never know how drastically your view on something could change when YOU decide to form your OWN opinions and ideas about things.

Deciding to take this step is a huge step to becoming more open-minded. After you have done this, and you still have the same opinion about a certain subject, still follow the first part and realize that sometimes trying to share your ideas and opinions with someone just isn’t worth it. Be proud in the way that you think, but realize that there are approximately 7.3 billion people on earth who have differing opinions from you and differ on the way they view the world and its entirety. This final step will truly allow someone to become an open-minded person.

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