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Fake News?

By Bridgette Montgomery

What is your input on the topic about fake news stories and articles? Fake news stories are more popular than true, real news stories are now-a-days. This is a big argument of debate now.  A lot of people in the world want all the fake news to disappear from this world, but believe it or not, there are some people who actually prefer to listen to fake news over real news.  Why?  Maybe it is because it is more entertaining, interesting, more fun to read and watch, or even better because they have something to talk about. Fake news catches more eyes of viewers on social media than true stories do because of all those reasons. I would rather listen and watch the true stories rather than the false ones, so I won’t get caught up in the badly viewed world.

Yes, fake news tricks viewers. Most viewers do not take the time to personally research on a specific topic that media is presenting, because they believe the source is credible. This means that when viewers see these things, they automatically hold truth to it and spread it around via mouth or social media. Rumors then get started and people base good or bad judgments around it and may even act on it. It is an unfortunate cycle,” said an anonymous debater on replying to the question stating, “Is fake news too common these days?” In reply to the same question on another anonymous person stated their thoughts about fake news on it: “It’s all fake. People know what news is real and what is not. It’s fun to try to trick others with fake news. Even the news today that is supposedly real is still heavily slanted according to the opinion of the person that is creating the news. Reality is in the eye of the beholder, and not for Facebook to decide.” This person  just looked at fake news as a joke to many others as their opinion.

Another question listed on stated, “Are fake news reports a new plague?” There was a 50/50 response to this debate on both sides. Many people gave good reasons to their side, here are a few. “Yes, fake news reports are a new plague. Although it is unfair to say that the news and media have been true draw history. It is fair to say that the media in some cases have manipulated the press to push a certain agenda. But as of late Fitness reports have been so bothersome that people are having a hard time determining what’s real and what’s fake. It has gotten to the point where fake news stories are even being shared on social media pages and starting huge uproars.” This person believes that fake news is no good and is becoming to popular. In response to their debate, someone else said, “ They are a plague, but it’s not new. Fake news is a huge problem, but it’s not new. This has been going on for a long time. It only became so well-known in recent months because of the election and the fact that the mainstream media started talking about it. One major problem is that some of the people who are fooled by fake news are convinced that real news is fake and the news that they consume is ‘the only real news.’ This blurring of truth and fiction is going to continue to cause problems in the future.” This anonymous debater agrees that it is a plague and getting to popular, but he also realizes that fake news is not anything new to the world.

Many of these people have good arguments in this debate. Most of them seem to believe that fake news is not good for the world; I believe it is not either. But there is really no way to stop it, so all we can do in the world is to be better researchers and believe less of what is on the internet without proof involved. What do you think of fake news, is it becoming to popular and annoying or is this debate just irrelevant to you?

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