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Grey’s Anatomy Review

By Jennifer Tellez

Many people have heard about the show Grey’s Anatomy. This show has had many seasons, and it really gets to the viewers emotionally. Each character has a different story line, and you get so attached to these people individually.

You fall in love with all these characters, and you get a good message from it. There are so many love circles in this show that you don’t know what to expect. These characters have been through everything a person can imagine and come off stronger in the end. You’re in for a surprise if you think all these characters are going to stick around. Each season ends in a huge cliff hanger and it’s kind of an addicting show.

This show is also helpful for those who are going into the medical field because the viewers get a sense of how interns get treated. The viewers also get to know the obstacles of becoming a doctor and how you get treated. It also teaches you about love. That love will come and disappear before you even realize it. The characters seem lost in their life, and it gives the viewer a glance that no matter what age you are that you won’t be able to figure out your whole life. Life will throw curveballs at you but the main character is a great example that no matter how difficult life is, that you need to find a purpose for it.

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t all medicine and surgery, it’s about learning to find yourself among all other problems.

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