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How to be a typical senior!

By Bridgette Montgomery

Do you wanna know how to become a typical senior? Well, it is simple and easy of course! There are a few things all typical seniors have in common: senioritis! I don’t know if that is just a word mainly used around my school or if other schools use it as well, but senioritis is a very well recognized word here at Piqua High School most will say. Senioritis is described as a trance you are put through when you are a high school senior, and you start to realize your high school career is coming to a near end.  It happens to make many people become lazy, procrastinate, and sometimes arrive late to school (some people hardly come to school at all). In fact, senioritis is such a big thing around my school that some students catch it early during their junior year.

How can you become a stereotypical senior student? Well first off, you come to school probably once, twice, maybe three times a week if you are feeling generous! Though senior year isn’t just about lack of attendance; sometimes you have to be late to school. Not just a few minutes late. There is a motto, “If you’re going to be late, you might as well be really late and get some breakfast on the way!” Breakfast always brightens everyone’s day.

The second thing you can do, is do not bring any school supplies. The main supply you need for your whole senior is your phone, headphones, and music. Whenever you need to work in your class, you just have to beg others for a pencil and paper. That is a typical thing everyone does. Because, who actually buys school supplies? They just kind of appear.

Lastly, the step to being a generic senior student, is procrastinating on your homework and classwork or assignments. Since you will hardly come to school and of course, listen to music and be a little lazy, you will have to procrastinate on your homework, I mean of course you get it done… Just at last second, though!

    I’m just joking on all of those facts, though! To become a great senior student, you have to work to achieve for what you want in your future. Senior year is your last year of your high school career. You want it to be memorable, fun, amazing, and the best year possible with all of your family, friends, mentors, coaches, and so on. During your senior year, you need to stay focused on your future plans. Plan out whether you are attending college or maybe joining the military. Your senior year matters more than all of your years put together because that is the year you get to prove yourself to others. So do not procrastinate, don’t be lazy, and always remember to try your hardest to keep good attendance on your name because the first thing colleges look at most of all is your attendance. So don’t ruin your chances of a great school because of little mistakes made while you still were in high school and younger. Have an amazing senior year to everyone!

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