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How to binge watch a show

By Jennifer Tellez

Do you ever really get into a show but seem to not have time to watch it? Well, don’t underestimate your ability to binge watch a show with limited time. Here’s what you do when you want to watch a show with limited time.

Rule 1: Don’t sleep. This sounds a bit obvious, but even a nap will cost you a couple episodes.

Rule 2: Pack some snacks. Get something that doesn’t need to be heated, so you don’t have to leave the couch too many times. Snacks will keep you up and energized to not fall asleep.

Rule 3: Run to and from the bathroom. It sounds a bit dumb, but the faster you get out of there the more time you find to watch your show.

Rule 4: Stick to one show. Don’t get distracted with anything else like social media or the outside world. Focus on that couch and food and show.

Rule 5: Take a lesson from it. Every story and every show has something anyone can learn from it. Find your favorite character and love them. Learn from who they are. Get inspired about something the show taught you.

Binge watching a show isn’t just about learning to stay awake for days because every episode ends with a cliffhanger, but you can learn to love a character and you grow as a person.

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