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What to remember after graduation

By Jennifer Tellez

This is it. As senior year comes to an end, there are things that students should keep in mind. I think the most important lessons we learned this year didn’t come out of a textbook but rather from the teachers. These teachers were in the shoes of the students, and they don’t even realize that sometimes the conversations they had with students is what we’ll remember the most. Remembering these teachers will always be important because they are who encouraged us and supported us and believed in all the students to be successful.

As seniors we need to remember the friends you started off with freshman year and see how far you’ve come, things change and so do people. There are a good amount of people that you can tell have drifted apart from their “best friend” from freshman year just by looking at their social media. Keep the people that stuck by your side when you had a bad breakup, that helped you with your homework, that were there when you felt like giving up on school. Friends are always coming and going, but after graduation just remember all those people who you once called a friend and just try to check up on them.

You’re on your own from here. After graduation, you don’t have someone reminding you about things anymore. You’re officially living the real world whether you’re going to college or not, you have to be more responsible now than ever before. Life is going to go by fast just like high school did, don’t take things for granted.

After graduation there are the small things and the big things to remember but the number one thing to keep in mind is that you will be successful no matter what. What does successful really mean anyways? As long as you’re doing something you love and want to do, you’re doing it right. Success is defined in many different ways, don’t look at other people’s lives and envy them when you can do anything you put your mind to.

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