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Why you SHOULDN’T pierce your young child’s ears!

By Shasta Curtis


Piercing a young child’s ears has become a very controversial discussion.   A young child doesn’t have the ability to tell their parents how they feel about a permanent hole being added to their body.  A mother mentioned in POPSUGAR., “I have two girls and I didn’t pierce their ears as babies because I think it’s ridiculous to inflict unnecessary pain on an infant to satisfy your vanity. I’m glad I didn’t now because at 9 and 11, one wanted hers pierced and the other one doesn’t.” — Brandy S.

Another reason you might want to wait is that your child’s ears haven’t completely grown yet. Piercing a baby’s ear can cause the hole to look lopsided. Maybe it’s too close to her face or too far away. Waiting for the ears to grow just makes common sense for some parents.

The child could grow up not wanting the permanent damage done to their body, but that decision has already been made for them and they have to live with what has been done.  


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